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  The exclusive Interior Design SalonNames
has opened in an ancient private 19th century residence located in the very center of the Moscow historical district. The atmosphere in the Salon speaks for itself; everything here is aristocratic, luxurious, and comfortable. Salon employees offer an individual and atypical approach to their clients; they come up with things and ideas that cannot be found in catalogues – in fact, that is the philosophy of Names. It is not by mere chance that many objects in the Salon are decorated with the letter “N”. Each object, exhibited in the salon, is exclusive and custom-made. Names is an official registered brand in Russia, Europe, and America.

   Natalia KoretskayaWorkshop has just recently opened within the framework of the project. Here we can find exclusive collections of Christmas trees, which have been crafted by hand and according to the author’s own thoughts and ideas. This is the only place in Moscow where you can not only see a design Christmas tree with your own eyes, but also order one for yourself and your family. Such a Christmas tree will become more than a mere ornament in your home; it will also occupy a place of honor among all your family valuables and relics.